Welcome to my site!

Violet on tv

Hello, my name is Violet and this is my website. It is a very good place for THINKING OUTSIDE THE SQUARE exercising your MIND’S EYE and even cheering yourself up if you are having a SLIGHT DISASTER, because it is full of all sorts of unusual bits and pieces.

There are interesting things to do, useful things to make and some very important ideas to think about.

Maybe you would like to make a tubular scarf or some poffertjes (yummy Dutch pancakes). Perhaps you would like to learn about archaeology or discover what kind of brilliant plotter you are. You might like to search for small things, go on a treasure hunt or even develop a theory of your own.

And if you have any questions or brilliant ideas you could send them in an email to Anna Branford (she writes my books) and she will try quite hard to think of a good answer.